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Student's Enrollment Procedure

AISS has an open admission policy without regard to nationality, race, creed, or religion. Our goal is to sustain a community of individuals representing diverse cultures and experiences. Therefore, the school seeks to build classes of intellectually capable students who bring the most diverse and interesting perspectives possible to the school community.

Enrollment is contingent upon compliance with basic academic and behavioral standards. We consider both the school's ability to serve a student's educational needs and the student's ability to take advantage of the school's resources to make a positive contribution to the life of the school. We are an International School and our admission process is competitive. Students with siblings who are already enrolled in AISS are given priority in admission.

Admission Procedure

We encourage parents to first look through the AISS website and/or the New Student Information brochure available at the Admission Office.

An appointment will be scheduled to tour the school and clarify any questions. At this time, the parent will be given a date for an entrance exam.

Students should report for their entrance exam ten minutes prior to the given time. The entrance exam consists of vocabulary, comprehension, reading and writing skills in English and math. The school generally honors the grade placement recommended by the previous school. However, final placement is made on the basis of academic records and admission testing. Upon completion of the exam, the school will make a recommendation regarding the student’s admission.

The American International School reserves the right to admit or refuse any student. Some of the reasons to refuse the admission of a student are that the;

  • Student would not benefit educationally from attending the school
  • Student has a poor scholastic or behavioral record and as such is deemed unsuitable for the school community
  • Student does not live with a parent or recognized adult guardian
  • Special educational needs required by the student cannot be met by the school

Parents will be notified whether their child has been accepted or denied admission to the school.
The following documents are required before the admissions procedure is complete:

  • Previous School leaving certificate (In case of migration from other school)
  • Original birth certificate
  • Recent medical report, showing that the student is in good health

Note: Students who were not born in Pakistan and/or did not study in Pakistan must have their documents certified either with an apostle stamp or by the relevant consulate. Please contact the Admission Office if you have questions regarding this procedure. 

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