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CEO's Message

I am proud of your interest in the American International School System (AISS) as you begin the exciting process of researching, visiting and applying to schools. Our website will introduce you to our school, but I very much hope you will visit AISS to learn more about our unique and distinctive education. For our current students and parents, look everywhere– this website is all about you and your AISS experience.


We are looking for students who want a world-class education, in a supportive and safe academic community, and to make a significant contribution to the world. If you are looking for a school that opens global doors, then you should choose AISS.

The school was started by private American citizens who care about the future of the children of Pakistan. We envisioned a place where students can receive the best education, which America has to offer, in an environment that respects their culture, without leaving home.

Founded on a top American educational model and standards, AISS teaches and practices a strong family commitment to learning; respect for self and others; a strong moral foundation for one's spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being; and willingness to mentor and share for service to a greater good.

We are a small school making a huge impact. Our classrooms have about 18 students, giving each student the opportunity to participate and learn. Our goal is to find the promise in each student and challenge them to become full citizens of the world. Our students will learn to reach beyond themselves, to think critically, to clarify their ideals and values and to acquire the ability, and the willingness, to make tough decisions.

The academic curriculum is rich and challenging. Learning is discussion-based and hands-on. Teachers are participants in the discussion and guide our students in significant ways to help them make connections and discoveries. We will push our students to excel, and challenge them in ways they have never experienced.

This is a place of abundant opportunities.  Our 11-acre campus is purposefully built with advanced teaching technology making it an excellent environment for learning and the most advanced secondary school in Pakistan. We have partnerships with colleges and universities in the United States. Here you will foster relationships with your counterparts in America and worldwide.  

Our faculty is passionate about teaching and internationally diverse. You will find our teachers are not only remarkable in the classroom, library, art room, music studios, and athletic fields; but also as great advisors, role models and companions. I have found that the single, greatest key to our student's success and happiness at AISS is the strong, enduring relationships they have developed with their teachers.  

In sum, AISS will provide you with an opportunity to create and contribute to one of the best educational cultures in Pakistan.  However, do not take my word for it. Come and see for yourself what makes AISS distinctive. See our beautiful campus and talk with our students and teachers. I think you will like what you find here.


Dr. Munr Kazmir, CEO



  CEO's Message
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